Safer Internet Day-7th February 2023

It is easy to imagine harmful or abusive content and behaviour on social media but the presence of well-known online personalities or influencers who become well-known
and even famous for exhibiting and cherishing this behaviour on online platforms can be difficult to deal with.
This is especially troubling as children and teenagers begin to access this harmful content online.There have been reports of children as young as 11 quoting online personality Andrew Tate in school,which has led to acts of violence against female classmates.

Who is Andrew Tate, what behaviours does he promote, and why is he influencing young people?
Views and opinions expressed by individuals such as Andrew Tate represent a larger issue in our world (both online and offline) in terms of how harmful Misogyny , violence against women and minorities and sexual misconduct are all dealt with and portrayed online.

Mysogyny,Porn,Hate, Child Trafficking,Safe Internet

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