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Do you Know What CE is??

This Child Exploitation Awareness Day on Saturday 18th March, 2023, we have a range of free resources to help you build your knowledge on the different types of exploitation, how to recognise the signs and how to embed safeguarding within your organisation.

Types of CE

  • Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a type of child sexual abuse which can occur both in person and online. Our guidance explains the different signs of CSE and the impact it can have on children and young people.
  • Child trafficking is a form of child abuse that involves recruiting and moving children for exploitation. Learn more about how trafficking can happen, how to recognise potential signs and what to do if you have a concern.
  • Grooming can happen to anyone and can go unrecognised if children and the adults around them aren't aware they are being groomed. Learn the signs you need to be aware of and how grooming can be a part of exploitation.
  • County lines can happen anywhere and is a form of child abuse. Learn how to recognise the signs, respond to concerns and put in place measures to reduce the risk of exploitation.
  • Let children know you care: Our guidance allow you to share information with your colleagues to help embed a safer culture within your organisation and to let children know you are listening to them