Children & Young People Feedback

It is very important for us to know how you feel in your foster home and how you are being treated by your foster family. Therefore, we have created a feedback from that you can use to give us your feedback.

Why do we collect your feedback?

  • Your feedback can help us to understand how you feel about your foster carer and foster home.
  • It will help us to find out about your interest and activities you like to do so that we can plan days out/support groups according to your interest. 
  • It will help us to understand where we could improve our services as we belief that there is always ‘room’ for improvement. 
  • We will get a better idea of in which specific areas improvements are required.

Our feedback form looks like this:

You will be provided with a link by Shining Stars either on your mobile phone or via email. The link will direct you to the feedback form that you can complete straight away or later. It should not take you any longer than 15min. You will require access to internet.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us on: 020 8263 6260 or send an email to’’.

What do Children in our care say?

What if I have a problem or I am sad?

If you are worried, frightened or sad you must tell someone. There are lots of ways  you can tell people and lots of people you can tell about what ever is bothering you.

You can tell adults you trust

Foster Carer

Your Social Worker

Supervising Social Worker

Family or Friend


Children/Young People Helplines

Ofsted 0300 123 1231 

Childline 0800 1111

Commissioner for Children
020 7783 8330

Complaints Officer at Local Authority

Are you in immediate danger?

If you or a friend is in immediate danger or need urgent help, call 999

Shining Stars Fostering is available 24/7 for you. Feel free to contact us on 020 8263 6260

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'Refer A Friend' Reward

SSFA has a range Policies and Procedures concerning Social Work Practice, HR and Finance which are used to guide staff and for tendering and commissioning purposes.  If any of the issues that are not covered please do contact your supervising social worker or our registered manager who will guide you to the appropriate policy.  Shining Stars Fostering Agency Tri-X policies