Myths and Misunderstandings about Fostering

People sometimes disqualify themselves from becoming Foster Carer because of the myths around fostering. 

We live in a diverse world where one size does not fit all. The foremost about fostering is that the children need homes where they will feel safe, loved, and valued. Let’s look into the reality of fostering and who can foster:

I am Single, I can’t be a Foster Carer

You don’t have to be married to be a Foster Carer.  Single men and women are encouraged to become foster carers. If you have the patience, a caring heart, good health, and plenty of energy, you have what it takes to be a good foster parent. As a foster carer, you will be part of a strong team so it is not important to have a spouse to share the responsibilities of caring for a child. 

 I am retired and too old to foster

There is no upper age limit.  If you are in good health, mentally and physically, and have a high energy level, being a senior doesn’t stop you being a foster parent. Age brings maturity and wisdom and these are very positive attributes that definitely do contribute to fostering. 

I am renting and don’t own a home, so I can’t be a foster parent

The key requirement when it comes to a potential foster parent’s housing is that the carer must have a spare bedroom for the foster child. Each child has to have a bedroom with enough space for a bed, chest of drawers, and a desk. If you have more than one spare room, so much the better. This can be in a rented, council or owned home. 

I don’t have my own children so don’t have the experience to foster a child

There is no experience required to be a foster parent as not everyone can have children. The foremost is your willingness to care for a child and the ability to make a home where the child will feel loved and protected.

I want to foster but don’t want to give up work

When you apply to be a carer, you should discuss your job and your desire to keep it. Arrangements can often be made to accommodate it along with fostering. If you have a spouse or partner, one of you can always be available for the child. If your hours of work coincide with the child’s time in school, and you have the ability to leave the job if you must attend a meeting at the school regarding the child, that would be acceptable.

I am unemployed so can’t foster

Being unemployed means that you are available to care for a child all day and every day. You are able to attend trainings, meetings, and appointments that involve fostering and fulfill the child’s medical, educational, and social needs without having to reschedule prior commitments.

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