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  • Provide foster care placements and support packages for children and young people looked after that offer a stable and consistent experience of family life, to enhance and maximize their life opportunities.
  • Recruit and retain foster carers from diverse backgrounds thus ensuring a range of appropriate placements for children and young people.
  • Respect and promote the racial, cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds of children and young people.
  • Make high quality matches between children and foster families where the skills and experience of the foster family provides the foundation for the improvement of the childs life.
  • Develop a fostering service where partnership, working professionalism, respect, integrity and fairness are central to all aspects of the operations and provisions.
  • Assist the Local Authorities in improving the well being of children in every aspect of their lives including Five Outcomes as per Every Child Matters.
  • Provide a responsive, supportive and professional 24 hour service for foster carers, children/young people and local authorities.
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Provision of a range of placement types for children and young people:

The types of fostering we intend to offer at Shining Stars Fostering Agency range from emergency placements to planned placements, as well as more specialised types of foster care such as remand fostering. The type of fostering we provide varies from case to case, depending on the needs of the individual child.

Emergency Placements:

Are defined as being same day placements (within 24 hours). The agency should receive a brief synopsis of the young persons behaviour and placement history, this should be accompanied by a recent report either from the Social Worker or the last placement.

Short Term Placements and Bridging Placements:

This is one of the shorter term types of fostering. A child or young person in a bridging placement may be awaiting a more permanent placement such as a long term foster family, an adoptive family, or a family assessment centre. The period of this type of fostering placement could be anything from a few days to weeks or months, whilst plans are made for the future of the child with the relevant Local Authorities or social services departments.


Respite placements:

Respite placements are provided to give parents a break, or offer additional support if they do not have their own support network. In addition, respite is also offered to foster carers and is available in order to support placement demands and needs.

Parent and Child Placements:

Placements will be made available for mothers and/or fathers and their child, where foster carers can provide support and guidance to parent(s) and help them develop parenting skills. If requested, and by arrangement with the placing Local Authority, a formal assessment of parenting ability can be undertaken by suitably qualified and experienced staff in conjunction with the foster carer. Comprehensive written assessment reports, for use in child protection conferences, planning meetings, statutory reviews or court proceedings, can be prepared.

Long Term Placements:

Where the child/young person is expected to remain until independence.

Remand Placements:

Remand Foster Carers look after young people who are remanded by the courts into public care. These placements are usually short term and require the carer to work closely with the youth justice/offending teams to gain the best outcome for the child.

Sibling Placements:

Sibling placements are for brother and sisters who all are placed together into a foster care household. Shining Stars believes in keeping siblings together within a family environment, unless it is deemed inappropriate by the placing Authority.

Placement of asylum seeking children and young people:

Given the current refugee crisis Shining Stars would like to recruit experienced foster carers from diverse backgrounds who are willing to advocate, access services and work within the childs care plan in supporting and caring for children and young people deemed to be unaccompanied asylum seekers and where their residency status within the UK is yet to be determined. Shining Stars Fostering is able to provide additional training for its Foster Carers to address support in immigration, religion, language and cultural needs and integration within the community and local faith groups.

Solo Placements:

Shining Stars will also provide care for children and young people whose needs are so complex requiring a higher level of support and supervision, which precludes the placement of any other child or young person within the remaining vacancies in the foster home. If requested and by arrangement with the placing authority, additional support services are made available to such placements.


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