Independent Fostering Agency (IFA)

Shining Stars is an Independent Fostering Agency (IFA) and works very closely with local authorities to find suitable foster carers for children coming into care.

Local authorities (councils) are legally responsible for the safeguarding and outcomes of all children in the care system, who are sometimes known as Looked After Children (LAC).

Formally there were no independent agencies and all children who came into care were placed with a foster carer recruited by the local authority. For various reasons local authorities couldn’t cover supply with demand. This is how independent agencies rose up to take on the shortfall.

IFA only focus on fostering, as such we are specialists in our field and have skills and time to recruit foster carer and arrange suitable placements with our foster carers.

Fostering with an IFA can provide you with many benefits; these are often linked to the relationship that is shared between a foster carer and the agency. Our foster carers choose to foster with us and decide to stay; because of the unique relationship that we share with them. We offer our foster carers advice, guidance, training and support that they need.

We are passionated about providing the very best fostering service to our carers. Basically, it’s an approach that generates some outstanding outcomes for the children and young people in our care.



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