Comfort Box

The Shining Stars’ Comfort Box is one of the many other new things that we have introduced to our children in care recently.

What is the purpose of the Comfort box?

Our ‘Comfort box’ is a welcome box and is our commitment to show our children and young people that we do care about their health and wellbeing and give them a sense of feeling loved, as some young people may have never felt this in their lives before.

This comfort box will be given to you when you first come in our care. It contains various things such as a throw, pair of towels, toiletries, night lamp, diary etc.  At SSFA we would like to make sure you get off to the best start by building trust with you from the very first instant.

I hope our ‘Comfort Box’ will help you to feel safer and more secure when entering care and hope it will help you to build relationships and connections with your foster carers and the supervising social worker. It’s very important to us that you feel loved and cared for under any circumstances and that’s what we think our ‘Comfort Box’ will do for you.

It can be useful to keep this ‘Comfort’ box, in a handy place, so that when you feel overwhelmingly distressed, you can go to your box and find something that will help you feel better.


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