Supervising Social Worker
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My Name is Mary!
I pursued my academic studies by completing an Undergraduate degree in Sociology, which provided me with a solid foundation for understanding social dynamics and human behaviour. Building upon this, I pursued a Postgraduate degree in Social Work, equipping me with the necessary knowledge and professional competencies to excel in this

To complement my academic training, I successfully completed a 100-day placement with Shining Stars in July 2022. Following a brief two-week break, I joined Shining Stars as a member of their team. Through this experience, I was able to apply my theoretical knowledge to real-world situations and further refine my skills in areas such as compassion, interpersonal communication, empathy, and active listening—essential qualities within the social work profession.

Outside of my professional pursuits, I find joy in caring for children, engaging in regular jogging sessions for personal well-being, and exploring my passion for cooking.

By combining my academic background, practical experience, and personal interests, I strive to bring a comprehensive and holistic approach to my work as a social worker,ensuring that I provide the highest level of care and support to those I serve.