Types of Placements

 The type of fostering we provide varies from case to case, depending on the needs of the individual child.

The types of fostering we intend to offer at Shining Stars Fostering Agency range from emergency placements to planned placements, as well as more specialised types of foster care such as remand fostering.

Short Term Placement

This type of placement involves caring for a child or young person on a temporary basis for a few days, weeks, or months whilst plans are made for the future of the child.  A child may require short-term care as a result of a parent becoming ill or because of emergency care proceedings.

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Long-term Placement

A long-term placement involves looking after a child or young person on a permanent basis until they are ready to live independently after reaching adulthood. This type of placement is often used when a child or young person is deemed too old for adoption or does not want to be adopted.

Parent and Child Placements

This specialist type of placement involves a young parent and child, normally a mother and baby, living with a foster family when they need extra support and care. Our parent and child carers offer parental advice and guidance, and help them develop parenting skill.

Sibling Placements

Sibling placements are for brother and sisters who all are placed together into a foster care household. Shining Stars believes in keeping siblings together within a family environment, unless it is deemed inappropriate by the placing Authority.

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Asylum-seeking children and young people

This involves caring for young people who have been separated from their families and have often travelled long distances from other countries. They not speak English and can be frightened and confused. It can be helpful if the foster carer shares the same language, culture and religion as the child.

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Respite placements

Respite placements are provided to give parents a break, or offer additional support if they do not have their own support network. In addition, respite is also offered to foster carers and is available in order to support placement demands and needs.

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